Liberated Basket Medallion Quilt-a-Long — Star Border

Once again, I spent about a week thinking about this border before I finally settled on a design. I had hoped to do an appliquéd border this time to balance all the pieces in the log cabin blocks, but I’m not that great at appliqué, and a star shape seemed too challenging. To make the stars stand out against the pineapple blocks, I used a smaller block size and hand stitched simple 4-pointed stars using chambray and linen scraps. Unfortunately, I ran out of the little stripe I was using for the narrow border, so I substituted the checked fabric from the basket.

This has been such fun, and I’m sad that the quilt-a-long is winding down. I also learned that I am apparently incapable of creating a liberated quilt, and I’m finally okay with that.

The fish border is perfect for me since I live in the Pacific NW, and we love our fish. My mind is swimming with possibilities!


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