Free Pattern Friday — Summer and Winter Quilt, Alice Brooks #5867

This is the first pattern in my new weekly series, Free Pattern Friday. Because many of these quilt and embroidery patterns are large (this one is 14.5″ x 19″), they will need to be tile printed. Clicking on the pattern image below will open a full-sized pdf file. Scroll to the bottom of the image, and click on the download button. Open the downloaded file in Acrobat Reader, and select “poster” in the print dialog box. This will allow you to tile print the original pattern size on multiple sheets of letter or legal sized paper, which you can then trim and tape or glue together.

I will be going back and changing all my previously posted large patterns to pdf format so they can be printed this way, but it’s going to take some time.

Household Arts by Alice Brooks

Quilt of Simple Change-About Design — Summer and Winter

Take time out to begin this striking Two Patch quilt, called “Summer and Winter” by reason of its snowy and flowery patches. The change-about design made by but two pattern pieces lends novelty and effectiveness that will surely gain the envy and admiration of your friends. Anyone, even a beginner, can piece these simple 8-inch blocks — accompanying directions are so clear; the “spare time” work so profitable! Pattern 5867 contains the Block Chart, accurately drawn pattern pieces; an illustration of the quilt; color schemes; step-by-step directions for making the quilt; and yardage requirements.


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