Halloween Embroidery & Candle Shade Designs, 1912


If you are planning for Hallowe’en festivities, you will be pleased with this appropriate design. It can be easily and quickly worked in outline, with heavy thread. The natural, bright colors of Autumn should be used. A table runner and sofa pillows would be novel and once made, could be used for several Hallowe’ens.


Candle shades made after this fashion will prove very attractive for Halloween, and as they are extremely simple of execution, it will be very little trouble to manufacture a number of them for various uses about the house for the Hallowe’en party. The stencil might be cut from heavy yellow paper and lined with black tissue paper. A number of the shades may be cut at one time, which will save trouble. The shade is especially pretty in shape when fastened with gum or mucilage at one side.

Here’s a drawing of a candle shade holder I think could be made out of wire.

candle shade holder

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