Meet Sasha

A huge thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes. We had a wonderful girls night out and many karaoke songs were enthusiastically (if not perfectly) sung. My daughter, Emily, is an expert at event organizing, and I look forward every year to what has become a birthday tradition.

Then, on Sunday, we had another Mother’s Day/Birthday dinner here, and I received a special surprise gift from my son, Elliott, and his girlfriend, Cirilia . . . a 3-month old white kitten with strawberry blonde patches, who is about the sweetest little boy I’ve ever met. He’s incredibly affectionate, and would cuddle up and start purring the minute anyone picked him up.

Elliott and Cirilia freaked because they couldn’t locate any shelter kittens — everyone said “call back in a month.” They ended up answering a Craigslist ad, and the owners (who were Russian) claimed their kitten was a Siberian mix. E & C knew I wouldn’t care about the kitten’s breed — they just wanted a young kitten, but they really liked him, of course, because he was so friendly and adorable. As a nod to his alleged lineage, we decided to name him Sasha.

Now I am going through the slow process of introducing him to my 5-year old cat, Elvis, who is currently not very happy about this whole situation.



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