Hand Quilting Designs from Vintage Embroidery Transfers

I recently purchased folder of large vintage Briggs transfers which are labeled as quilting patterns. As I was looking at the designs, I realized they looked a lot like the large patterns I’ve seen which were intended to decorate cushions. After looking around online for cushion patterns that might also work for hand quilting. I found a rose design that was perfect as is, and four others that I felt would work, but needed a few changes. Now that I’ve added a few elements to a couple, and subtracted some details from the other two, I think these would look wonderful as alternate blocks. Click images to enlarge.

Next, I will clean up the Briggs transfers to share — no changes will be required for them, as they were designed for hand quilting.

Quilting-Design-from-Cushion-Embroidery-Transfer-1 Quilting-Design-from-Cushion-Embroidery-Transfer-2

Quilting-Design-from-Cushion-Embroidery-Transfer-3 Quilting-Design-from-Cushion-Embroidery-Transfer-5

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