A Lace Paper Valentine to Cut Out and Color

“Think hard about who is the very nicest person you know, and then plan to send this valentine.”

Here is a valentine activity from a 1924 Montana newspaper, The Billings Gazette. I have cleaned and re-sized the image, and you should be able to print the outside and inside of the valentine on letter-sized paper — card stock for the valentine, and plain paper for the verse. The original instructions suggested you color the card lightly with crayon or diluted watercolor paint (I used colored pencils). Next, you were to cut out and then tie the two sheets of paper together with a narrow ribbon through holes on the fold (I decided to do a little extra hole punching around the outside of my card, and added a piece of red card stock).

“The best way to put your ribbon through the holes so that it will have the appearance of a book tied together is to use a quarter of a yard of red ribbon, very narrow. Draw one end through the bottom hold from the outside to the inside. Draw the opposite end through the top hold from the outside to the inside. Then bring both ends through the center hold from the inside to the outside and tie a neat bow.”






Click to enlarge the images, save them, and then tell your printer to scale the images to fit your media. Click here for an earlier tutorial to make a vintage scented valentine.

Valentine-to-Cut-and-Color Valentine-to-Cut-and-Color-Inside-Verse

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