Tumbler Doll Quilt Top

I’m pretty excited today, because I just finished this top for the doll quilt swap sponsored by Lori at Humble Quilts. Although I know the recipient of this little quilt, she doesn’t know I am the one making it for her.  Of course, I don’t know who is making a quilt for me either, so that’s exciting too.

Lori asked that the quilts be made with Civil War reproductions, but she gave me the go-ahead to use prints and shirtings from my own collection of antique tops and blocks. I know some of the prints are not strictly Civil War period, but I’m fairly certain they are all from the 19th Century.

I’ve been dying to use the blue striped fabric for a border, and I think it goes well with the scrappy tumblers. The border fabric, and several other of the darker prints, are an unusual sort of flannel-type fabric — fuzzy on the back, but smooth like a normal cotton on the front. They aren’t very thick, so it’s easy to incorporate them in with the other prints, and you probably would never notice just looking at the front.

The top is about 19″ x 23″ right now (I cropped 1/4″ off the border edge in the photo), but it will probably be a bit smaller after quilting. Now I need to find a cool reproduction fabric for the back, and figure out a quilting pattern.



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