Nancy Page Tyrolean Table Cover, 1937

Today I am going to share with you one of the more obscure Nancy Page designs. These patterns were published weekly in many newspapers in the US and Canada, and each paper had a particular day that they appeared. This design is meant for a card table and is cut from a piece of linen one yard square. I don’t think people use card tables quite as much as they used to, but I like this small size to use as an overlay on a larger cloth. Of course, these designs could be stitched on other items as well.

The fictitious Nancy decided to use “a rather heavy crash kind of linen.”  I’d never heard of this, so I looked it up in the Encyclopedia Britannica:

crash,  any of several rugged fabrics made from yarns that are irregular, firm, strong, and smooth but sometimes raw and unprocessed. Included are gray, bleached, boiled, plain, twill, and fancy-weave crash.

Because these newspaper images are generally poor quality, requiring lots of digital cleanup, I am also going to post them in a series, but daily instead of weekly. Text will be readable if you click to enlarge.


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