Best & Co. Children’s Catalog, 1953

Best & Co. was a New York company founded in 1879 by Albert Best, and was initially named the “Liliputian Bazaar.”  This 1953 catalog still references the original name with a funny illustration of a hand holding some very tiny children. I had never heard of Best & Co., probably because all of the stores were located on the east coast.  The dresses for sale in this catalog, however, are very familiar, and I remember wearing similar styles (or at least have seen myself wearing them in old photos), because I was 6 years old in 1953.

The catalog contains fashions for children of all ages — babies, toddlers, girls and boys, “sub-teens,” and teens.  Today I am posting the baby and toddler clothing, which are my favorites.  Click on the thumbnails a couple of times to enlarge.


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