Make it With Sheets, 1952

Sheets have been a mainstay fabric of mine since I first began to sew in the early 60s.  Vintage 100% cotton muslin and percale sheets are still one of my favorite fabrics for hand piecing and embroidery.  They have a nice feel and are usually easy to needle since the thread count is not as high as modern sheets. I’ve also used sheets to make curtains, aprons, toddler dresses, pajamas & nightgowns, tablecloths & napkins, bed skirts, and rag rugs (and I’m sure there are other items that I’ve forgotten).  I never thought of making an outfit for myself out of sheets, but the “dance frock” and play suit on page 19 are pretty cute.

When I was growing up, one of my older sisters had a kidney shaped vanity with a ruffled chintz skirt that I loved.  I think the vanity fell apart, because I remember the piece being sort of rickety and I know it didn’t make it to my teenage bedroom.  There are seven pictures of vanities with skirts in this Cannon Mills booklet (including one kidney shape), and some of the skirts are amazingly elaborate.  Click the thumbnails a couple of times to view the pages full size.

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