Twinkling Star Vintage Quilt Top

This old quilt top is kind of a mess.  The stitching in the blocks is not bad, but the yellow border is crudely sewn with many odd-sized pieces.  It will not lie flat.  I thought the blocks might have been sewn earlier by a different person, but upon closer examination, it’s clear that both the blocks and the border were sewn on the same machine.  At first I thought the pattern was Barbara Fritchie’s Star, but that pattern is made up of all HSTs, and since these blocks contain at least four or more parallelograms, I decided the pattern must be Twinkling Stars.

The thing I love about this top (which I plan to take apart, of course) is that it contains what I think are “double blue” prints in the blocks.  Before I saw this top, I had never even seen a double blue print, although I had heard of them.  There are three different examples of these blue prints in the quilt, as well as three different double pinks.

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