Eastern Bluebird Applique Pattern

This pattern is from a 1985 Lady’s Circle Patchwork Quilts magazine, which featured quilts and quilt patterns from New York state.  If I were going to make this block, I think I would redraw the bluebird to make him just a little shorter and chubbier than the one in this pattern.

After reading Tina’s comment, I thought maybe I should go ahead and redo the bluebird.  The original version is first, followed by the revised version below.  He’s not perfect, but I think he looks more like the photo now.


New Yorkers are proud of their successful efforts to bring back their beautiful state bird, fast disappearing only a few years ago.  This one should fit on a 10″ block, or with a little more greenery could be used on a 12″ block.  His back and tail are dark blue, with black lines of embroidery.  His underside is an orangy pink, slightly lighter back toward his feet.  Use bias for the branches and embroider his legs, feet and eye.  Trace each part of the pattern and add that tiny turn allowance that you always need for applique.

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