Three Doll Quilts in Progress

Here’s just a peek of three new doll quilts I’m working on — a feedsack dahlia, a scottie and a butterfly.

The butterfly and dahlia blocks are traditional applique using the baste-pin-stitch method (although needle turn would also work).  For the scottie quilt,  I’m using a technique I developed for the Charley Harper Water Drop Quilt.  First I trace the finished size template on the wrong side of the fabric, then I paint a tiny bit of permanent fabric glue on the penciled cutting line.  The function of the glue is merely to prevent the edges of the piece from fraying.  After the glue dries, I cut out, press, and hand stitch the piece to the fabric with embroidery floss using a blanket or buttonhole stitch (no turning under required). These stitches work well with the process because the glue is only on the very edge of the fabric and it doesn’t interfere with the hand stitching.  The glue technique maintains the intricate outline of the shape, but the piece itself remains soft and flexible.  I don’t like using fusible web in my quilts because of the stiffness factor, and it’s hard to push a needle through.


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