Vintage Doll Quilt Kit — Rob Peter to Pay Paul

Last year I mentioned in a post that I was thinking of selling kits to make doll quilts with vintage fabric, and talked about what the kits would include. Several readers commented that my plans seemed overly elaborate (with pre-cut blocks and a sample block). Let me just say right now that everyone who said that was so right.

I have spent the past two days selecting, pressing and cutting the 42 8-piece blocks for this quilt, a scrappy Rob Peter to Pay Paul variation of the Drunkard’s Path pattern, which finishes about 19″ x 22″.   Although I went through the process just the way I always do, it was pretty surprising to me how much time I actually spent on these tasks.  Some readers suggested, in an effort to increase cost effectiveness, that I only provide the fabric and templates, but that’s tricky when you’re dealing with odd-sized vintage scraps and quilt pieces. Another issue was the challenging pattern with all those curves in the tiny 2 1/2″ blocks and the 1/8″ seams, which would probably only appeal to more advanced sewers or quilters.  Long story short, I decided that this is the one and only kit of this pattern I will ever put together, and I am just hoping there is someone out there who would actually be interested in making it.

There are 42 cut blocks plus two extra (just in case, but not included in the photo — sorry). These fabrics are vintage 1930s/40s tightly woven cottons (no feedsacks) in small prints, and I included some cute novelties. Each block is composed of two prints (a few have one solid fabric) and I have matched up the prints that I thought looked cute and provided enough contrast, although you could certainly make changes. I have included a sample block for reference, and a piece of blue vintage fabric for the borders. I didn’t bother to include any instructions, because I’m never going to do this again, and I figured any quilter who could actually put this together wouldn’t need instructions from me.

If you are interested in making this RPTPP doll quilt, please leave a comment on this post letting me know, even if it’s only to say “I told you so.”  If there is more than one interested party, I will select a winner on Sunday, Jan 15.

The cut pieces below are 1 5/8″ on the longer sides.

A photo of the second doll quilt in this pattern that I made a few years ago.

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