Umbrella Bouquets Applique/Embroidered Quilt Pattern

This was a series quilt from Stitch ‘n Sew magazine in 1978.  Unfortunately, I only have the Mar/Apr and May/June issues, which means I only have full-sized patterns for the first 5 of 16 blocks.  Fortunately, I was able to scan, clean and enlarge a small drawing of all of the patterns (although the detail is not as nice as the full-sized images).  Also, since blocks 1 – 5 are the only ones with color suggestions, you would have to wing it on the other 11 blocks, unless you happen to have some late 1978 Stitch ‘n Sew magazines in your collection.

There are lots of umbrella with flowers embroidery patterns, but they are usually more frilly.  I like this big, plain umbrella.  Although the pattern instructions call for appliqued umbrellas (using a print) and appliqued flowers (using solids with embroidered details), I think just embroidery, or crayon and embroidery would also be nice. To see the images at their full resolution, click twice on the gallery photos.


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