Scrappy Snowball Doll Quilt Top

This will be my sample quilt for a new kit — a simple Snowball pattern in authentic 1930s fabrics.  Well — the 2″ plain square blocks are certainly simple, but maybe not the 164 tiny hand cut triangles.  Anyway, I do like this pattern, and it adapts easily to other types of fabrics.  Right now I am cutting a 2-color version with scrappy antique indigo fabrics.  I knew I would have to make up a sample of each of the patterns, but I am hoping that any interested parties will be able to imagine this quilt in other colors and periods, like the indigo or muted antique fabrics.  It’s tricky, because patterns can look so different depending on the fabrics selected, as you can see from this similar 9-patch and Snowball quilt top I made last year.

The top finishes about 17″ x 20″.  All fabrics will be pre-cut (including the off-white), and I am thinking of adding backing and binding in reproduction fabrics plus a little piece of white flannel for the batting.  That way the quilter would have everything she needs to complete the little quilt.

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