McLoughlin Bros. – Travel Paint Book

The wedding is over, and I am happy to say that Emily was very pleased with the decor.  It’s a lot of work bringing in all of your own linens, dishes, decorations, etc., but the end result was very cute.  The photographer just emailed me today and said the photos would not be ready for 4 – 5 weeks!   I was a little surprised at this, but I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about picture taking — there were plenty of other things for me to do.  The delay might have something to do with the fact that the photographer used both a film camera as well as a digital camera.

On Sunday, my sisters and I are leaving for Tulsa to visit our oldest sister, Jean Ann, and I have made up embroidery projects for all of us to work on during the visit.  I actually think Sally and Mary would probably be happy just relaxing and not sewing, but they put up with my obsessions.  I plan to work on my Alice in Wonderland embroidered quilt blocks.  I got frustrated because on block 6 I just could not get Alice’s face correct, so I packed the whole thing up in frustration.  Today I pulled it out and managed to do a decent face (sometimes you just need to take a break).

Now on to the real focus of this post — a new paint book just purchased on Etsy.  I am usually more interested in the coloring pages than the cover, but in this particular case, the cover is adorable, and the pictures are also very cute.  I love McLoughlin Bros. books in general, and this is one of my favorites.  I wouldn’t have known the date of publication, but fortunately the book was a gift and there is an inscription from Robert to Mary L. Price, Christmas, 1929.   I looked up the names of the hotels on the cover, and there are establishments with these same names, although I’m not sure the book was referencing actual hotels. The book itself is in mint condition — you would never believe it was over 70 years old.

In these old paint books, there is often a sample colored-in page, followed by an outline picture for a child to color.  Other pages have outline drawings on one side and a blank page opposite for the child to copy.  When I get back from my trip, I will scan all the rest of these pages, because they are all so cute, and would make adorable embroidery patterns.



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