Charley Harper Water Drop Quilt – WIP

My next Christmas project is a quilt using a Charley Harper illustration from “The Giant Golden Book of Biology,” published in 1961 (now out of print and very rare). The image was scanned at a high resolution from my Todd Oldham book, “Charley Harper – An Illustrated Life,” a Christmas gift from Gordon. To make the pattern, I changed the image to black and white, ramped up the contrast, and then used the free program “Tiler” to tile print a 23″ x 52″ drop.

This will be a whole cloth quilt — the first one I’ve ever made. Although I’ve had the idea to do this quilt for some time, it was difficult finding the right fabric for the background. Over the weekend I finally found a piece that I think is really good — I had been thinking of a batik, but couldn’t find anything that worked. A couple of seams had to be added to get the correct size, and still maintain the horizontal look I wanted.

The little animals and plants will be stitched in both embroidery and applique, and I think I’ll probably quilt it with wavy horizontalines. It’s a lot of fun to work out which techniques and stitches I’m going to use for the each little motif. That’s one down, and 32 more to go.

Update: The quilt is finished — you can see it here

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