Painted & Embroidered Christmas Ornaments

This is my February project for Allie’s “Christmas Through the Year” club.  It’s inspired by another one of those Flickr images I’ve had in my favorites for a long time. Each day in December, 2008, Barbara at Oodles and Oodles added a different vintage Christmas wrap image to her sidebar. This was probably my favorite of all the cute papers — I just loved these stylized bells, and thought they would make good ornaments.


My first ornament was made with my new, vintage crayons, but even though I used a metallic gold crayon, the colors looked sort of dull. Next I tried metallic paints, and I think these look much better and more sparkly. I applied the paint to a piece of bleached muslin — the bells are backed with a tiny green print. The black areas are either one or two strands of embroidery floss in outline, satin stitch and French knots. The ornaments are about 5″ tall and look much better if you click to enlarge the photo.

These were lots of fun to make, and there’s even another Flickr photo of vintage Christmas wrap which appears to be designed by the same illustrator, only this one has ornaments and a bird. I think I’m going to stitch some of these as well.

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