Vintage Shirley Temple Doll — New Outfits

Over the past few days I have been frantically working on Christmas presents and the Embroidered Christmas Quilt.  Work has temporarily stopped on hand quilting the Antique Album Quilt and piecing the Grandmother’s Flower Garden Star.  It’s crunch time now.

Here are two new dresses for my sister’s Shirley Temple doll made from scraps of vintage organdy I purchased on ebay.  The long party dress is made with a turquoise flocked dot fabric — the color is beautiful, it was nice and stiff, and the dots are raised on both sides of the fabric.  The petticoat and lining are a pale sea green color.  The sash ribbon is wired, which I thought might be weird, but the color was so perfect I bought it anyway, and I really like the way it turned out.  My older sister, Sally, originally made Mary a party dress for Shirley from this pattern, but it’s looking pretty shabby after almost 50 years.  Shirley deserved a new fancy dress . . . and I just realized I need to make a pink rose hairbow.

The second dress would probably also be considered a party dress, but it’s a little less formal.   This fabric was a bit softer, so I used some liquid starch to give it a little more body.  the lining/petticoat for this dress are made from a piece of vintage yellow cotton.

Now I need to find some shoes for Shirley — a black pair and a white pair.  I managed to find a red pair when I made her other clothes, but red shoes are not looking good with these outfits.  My plan is to make a wool coat and hat, as well as a Halloween dress that I am sort of making up.  I just hope I manage to finish them (and the other presents I’m making, and the Embroidered Christmas Quilt) in time for Christmas.


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