Grandmother’s Flower Garden Star Quilt — Week 2

Before I talk about the GFG quilt, I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and advice on my little business venture. I got some great ideas from readers and a plan is now in shape. After Christmas I’ll start creating instructions for my kits and begin the process of cutting all those little pieces. I’m excited!

Steffi (Steffi’s Candy Quilts) and I are going to be posting our progress on the Nebraska Flower Garden quilt on Wednesdays. You can see that Steffi got a good start on her top last week (two stars and two flowers).  Her blocks are so pretty, and I love her fussy-cut flower. I don’t have many opportunities for fussy cutting since I am usually working with little vintage pieces, but I just barely managed to do one.

A nice bonus on this top is the placement of the white path. All you have to do is add white hexagons around each individual flower and none on the stars. I don’t plan to put my top together until all the stars and flowers are finished, but I am going to start stitching the white hexes around the flowers. I don’t like having to sew all the path pieces at the end.

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