Rob Peter to Pay Paul Doll Quilt

There are many quilt patterns referred to as RPTPP — two of the most common are the one that looks like Orange Peel and this design, which is essentially a set of 4 Drunkard’s Path blocks. I first saw this quilt in one of my books from the 70’s — Once Upon a Quilt — by Celine Blanchard Mahler. I’ve never made a large version of this pattern, but I loved the quilt and thought it would be fun in a miniature size.

The original quilt is dated 1890 and, although some of the fabric choices are kind of strange, I was really drawn to it. I tried to pattern my quilt after the original and wanted it to have that same funky look. The fabrics are mostly from the 30’s – 50’s, but there are a some that are much older, including a couple of mourning prints — it’s a real hodgepodge. The green border fabric is a reproduction.

This is another quilt given to my sister, Sally. It is entirely hand pieced and is hand quilted in a diagonal grid in the blocks and a 3 row scallop in the border. The blocks are 2 1/2″ finished.

Trivia: Around this time I made a second quilt in the same size and pattern (with different vintage fabrics) and sold it on ebay — my first and only attempt at selling something I’d made. The quilt sold for $25 and the buyer was happy — “THE best doll quilt I ever bought from a miniature quilt designer!!! GORGEOUS!!” — so that was nice. I figured out that if I went into the doll quilt making business, I would be working for about $.50 an hour.

Rob Peter to Pay Paul Doll Quilt
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2003
hand pieced, hand quilted
19″ x 21 1/2″


Rob Peter to Pay Paul Quilt
Sarah J. Hann, 1890
Manchester, Maryland


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