ABC Embroidered Quilt — Triangles

Preparing these quilt pieces has taken a lot longer than I thought. Of course, I’ve done this lots of times before, but I never really kept track of how much time I spent (since I didn’t have blog deadlines).

First, I only had enough of the smallest size salesman sample triangles for half of the 1,300 total printed triangles required, which meant I had to resort to the little pieces bin where I keep all my vintage scraps that are around 2″ or smaller. These are not sorted by color, so it takes a while to sift through the mess to find the the right color and size. This container is a lot deeper than it looks.


I want to end up with similar amounts of the different colors (mainly red, blue, green, lavender, yellow & pink — plus smaller amounts of teal, orange, navy, black & brown). If I can’t find enough of one color, I have to go to my bins of larger vintage scraps. I just hate to cut into a big scrap for a little triangle.

Next I starch, press, draw, cut and sort all of the triangles into color groups. Then I spread out one color group at a time and make subgroups of 4 triangles for each pinwheel. I also hand cut each white triangle, but I do these as I go since they don’t need to be sorted.

I pin each little 4-triangle group together and put them in piles.


Then I start chain piecing the pinwheels together. I’ve finished the first row, but I’m stuck on the second row since I am just finishing up H (the most time-consuming block so far) and I haven’t done F or I either. Now that the triangles are cut, I need to get back to embroidering — of course, now I wish I had stitched the letters in order.

Cat Update: Lynn reminded me that I never said anything else about the cat attack. By the time I went to the doctor, my right hand was huge and my left arm was also a mess. She gave me a 5-min. IV drip plus an injection. I was fine within a couple of days, but I had to take the unpleasant Augmentin for 10 days. Jack had to spend that night outside in his little cardboard house — we have since made up. Cat wounds are not to be taken lightly.

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