ABC Embroidered Quilt Block – Alligator

I’m pretty excited about this ABC quilt made from the coloring book I posted earlier. I should be working on the wool quilt, but I just had to see how these were going to look. Instead of the two smaller drawings, I decided to make letters instead and fill them with a pattern copied from the larger picture. The alligator has an obvious fill pattern to copy, but some of them do not so I’ll just have to make up something. This was so fun to stitch using my new DMC variegated floss. I’ve never used it before and I wasn’t sure how it would look on this project, but I’m very happy with the result.

I’m just working on the owl now, and then I must finish the wool quilt before I do any more ABC blocks. I have to admit it’s pretty nice for a change to have a clear outline to follow — the wool blocks are mostly stitched freehand because it is so difficult to draw on them (and the white pencil rubs off almost immediately).

Also, thank you everyone for your nice compliments on the pinwheel quilt. I guess it was hard for me to look at it without focusing on all the mistakes. I feel so much better about it after reading your comments.



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