Wine Light Box

For hand embroiderers, here is a great idea for transferring embroidery patterns to your fabrics. First of all, let me just say that this was my idea.  However, my husband, Gordon, actually made it for me.  I had been using our glass coffee table and putting a light under it, but this light box is so much nicer.  Here’s how you can make your very own wine light box.

The most important part is finding a wine box that is made for at least 3 bottles with a sliding lid. 

Then buy a piece of opaque plastic the same thickness and dimensions as the sliding lid (we went to a store that will cut this for you).  Drill ventilation holes in the bottom and each side of the box.  Next, buy three small compact flourescent lights  — the ones we purchased were little modular 9w lights in their own round housing (about 4″ in diameter and 1″ high) that interconnected.  Gordon attached them with double-stick foam tape and lined the inside of the box with aluminum foil to reflect the light.


Voila!  you’ve got a cool wine light box.


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