Marjorie’s Rhyme Land Quilt

I finally finished the quilt for Marjorie Claire, daughter of my niece, Jennifer, and her husband, Cyrus. I think Marjorie was about 10 days old in the photo below, taken in December. We are all excited to have a sweet baby girl in our family, and I am pleased that she has my mother’s name. I think she looks a lot like her grandmother (my sister, Sally) when she was a baby.

This is a Ruby Short McKim pattern from the 1930’s and it is available here.  I’ve even seen it offered as a machine embroidery pattern, but I just do not understand the appeal of machine embroidery. Although there were lots of nursery rhyme patterns produced in the 30’s and 40’s, this one is my favorite. I love the lettering and the cute little characters. Of course, I had to change the name Margery Daw to Marjorie Daw for this little girl. The blocks are lightly tinted with Crayola crayons and hand embroidered with two strands of DMC. It is both machine quilted (in the ditch) and hand quilted.

Rhyme Land Quilt
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2009
hand embroidered, machine & hand quilted
50″ x 60″







Marjorie Claire Krohn

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